We all want to look forward to work – even on Mondays. Enjoying our work is good for body and soul. Have you been lucky? Or is your dream job waiting for you here in Skaraborg?

Sectors such as construction, catering, housing, cultivation, interior decoration, design, health and safety (i.e. businesses with products and services that improve the quality of our lives) form one of the clear specialisations and strengths in Skaraborg’s trade and industry.

Vehicle and engineering industries are other areas in which Skaraborg has a long tradition. In recent years, we have also taken a leading position in biogas and IT. The Swedish Armed Forces, Skaraborg Hospital and our 15 municipal authorities are other major employment providers in Skaraborg. It must also not be forgotten that Skaraborg is famous for its writers and producers of music.

Compared with the rest of Sweden, Skaraborg has a high percentage of business owners and a good spread of various industries. We work purposefully to encourage and support new entrepreneurs, both at the start-up of businesses and during their development. A good example of this is Gothia Science Park, a strong and unique environment for growth in our region.

If you do not find your dream job here, commuting could not be easier! There are at least a dozen express train departures to Stockholm and Gothenburg daily. Some twenty other departures complement these.

Skaraborgs Kommunalförbund

Box 54

541 22 Skövde

Besöksadress: Kaplansgatan 16 A

Telefon: 0500-49 72 00