Regardless of whether you want to be a design engineer, farrier, actor or, perhaps, a computer game developer, Skaraborg provides the opportunities to realise your dreams.

What would you like to be when you grow up? Some have the answer sorted out when they are no more than five years old. Others are still not sure after fifty years of thinking. Whatever your career plans, goals and dreams, most of them can be realised in Skaraborg.

Being able to offer good education and training at all levels has always been a top priority here. Besides a university college and a university, we also have vocational college courses and adult education colleges. The choice of specialisations and programmes is similarly wide and the research opportunities are exciting. We can even boast unique courses that, amongst other things, create the next generation of international designers and hit song makers.

Interested in learning more? Click your way through the adjacent links! We have picked out a little of what Skaraborg has to offer as regards education and training. If you do not find precisely what you want, then other centres (e.g. Jönköping, Gothenburg and Karlstad) are within easy reach. Getting to nearby colleges and universities is both quick and simple.


Skaraborgs Kommunalförbund

Box 54

541 22 Skövde

Besöksadress: Kaplansgatan 16 A

Telefon: 0500-49 72 00