On nature’s doorstep or in the heart of town. Wake to bird song and the swash of waves or enjoy the city’s pulse. Build new or renovate old. Your dream place is here, no matter how you want to live.

 As regards accommodation, leisure and, not least, close proximity to everything, Skaraborg has all the advantages of small countryside towns. A total of almost 260,000 people live in our 15 municipalities.

Commuting is easy. Besides having good rail and road connections, we are also a midpoint between Stockholm and Gothenburg. Two hours to Stockholm and one to Gothenburg.

The accommodation options are many. Everything from modern apartments in urban centres to charming houses in the country. No matter where you set up home, close proximity to everything makes getting to work or place of education easy. Low prices make it possible to turn dreams into reality.

If you are looking for a plot of land, an estate agent or a property management company, simply visit the websites of the municipalities that interest you. In the menu on the right, select Map of Skaraborg county and click your choices.

Skaraborgs Kommunalförbund

Box 54

541 22 Skövde

Besöksadress: Kaplansgatan 16 A

Telefon: 0500-49 72 00